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Strong and Professional Team

  • Kindergarten children who are still at their pre-operational stage need concrete and meaningful experiences to make sense of the world around them. I am happy to see that the New Pre-school Longman Elect opts for the multisensory and thematic approaches to cater for the developmental and learning needs of EFL children. The extra support provided through stories, songs and games helps in arousing children's motivation and interest in learning English, a language not often used in their immediate surrounding.

    Dr Mei-Lee Ng
    Assistant professor and Associate head
    Department of Early Childhood Education
    The Education University of Hong Kong
    School Supervisor
    HSBC Early childhood Learning Center
  • Technology in classroom enhances learning in a variety of ways. Two new innovative technologies, Magic Colouring AR and eduMOTION are added into the New Pre-school Longman Elect series, which help teachers transform ordinary classroom lessons into different learning experience, making learning more interactive and fun.

    Dr Samuel Chu
    Associate Professor
    Head, Division of IT Studies
    School Supervisor Center for IT in Education
    Faculty of Education
    The University of HongKong
  • The New Pre-school Longman Elect is an exciting and engaging introduction to English. These multi-sensory books systematically introduce the alphabet, vocabulary, and short sentences with fun stories and brightly colored pictures. The series focuses on language needed for daily life and even includes vocabulary that is relevant to the Hong Kong context. This series provides a solid foundation for children to continue English language learning.

    Dr Elizabeth Barrett
    Faculty of Education
    The University of Hong Kong
  • The New Pre-school Longman Elect provides plenty of input and ample structured practice, culminating in authentic communicative activities. All four skills are presented in step-by-step sequence, making the course easy to use for both teachers and students. Song, rhymes, pair work and hands-on projects motivate students and make learning English fun!.

    Ms Geraldine Geniusas
    The English Language Teaching Unit
    Chinese University of Hong Kong
    English-language materials writer and editor